Municipal Treasury Consulting


Municipal Treasury Consulting (“MTC”), a division of Kosmont Transactions Services, Inc., offers financial consulting services with an emphasis on providing strategic investment management advice to public agencies.​

In a COVID-19 impacted economy, public agencies are actively searching for revenue generating systems and projects. Enhanced returns from cash resources are achievable if strategically evaluated and managed. MTC has created a customized cash investments policy and management system to facilitate reliable and productive cash management results.​

For each client, MTC creates a cash management report to maximize review of actively invested funds. Once cash management is optimized, MTC can help position your portfolio’s potential for improved yields without sacrificing safety and liquidity.

Plus, with the arrival of federal stimulus dollars to local public agencies, MTC can also advise on how to make that money work harder for you.​

CONTACT US:  MTC can provide a complimentary initial consultation to estimate potential new revenue generation utilizing our system.